Welcome to Big Elbow Lake, Juggler Lake  and Little Bemidji Lake Association

Association Purpose:

The purpose of this corporation is to foster and promote the social and environmental well being of its members and their property within the area of Big Elbow Lake, Little Bemidji Lake and Juggler Lake.

To promote and improve facilities and conditions at Big Elbow Lake, Little Bemidji Lake, Juggler Lake and the surrounding area so as to afford the members herein maximum enjoyment and benefits of said lakes and surrounding area.

To provide and improve facilities for recreation of all types, including, but not limited to, water sports and fishing and to provide facilities for association and companionship among corporate members and in connection with the aforesaid purposes, to own lakeshore and other real estate and personal property whether tangible or intangible.

Web Site Purpose

To provide lake association members the opportunity to learn more about the greater lakes area of Big Elbow Lake, Little Bemidji Lake and Juggler Lake. To be an additional resource to the association members for information of interest.

Contact us at: ejlblakeassociation@comcast.net

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**Photo provided by Linda Schumann