Board of Directors

2014 Board of Directors

Dick Roman – President
Cindy Hansen – Vice President
Gail Peterson – Secretary
Sandy Roman – Treasurer
Pat Holzem – (Big Elbow)
Gail Schumann (Little Bemidji)
Nathan Strei (Juggler)

Election of Officers

The office of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer serve two-year terms.  Term limits exist for these offices not to exceed more than (2) consecutive terms of office.  The election of the three executive board members will be held each year as one person’s term expires.  The executive board members serve a three-year term of office.

There are no term limits for the executive board members representing the individual lakes.  All seven people serve on the executive board, which requires a quorum of 4 to conduct official business.  At general membership meetings, a quorum of 10 members must be reached to conduct official business.