Association Information

Original Intent of Lake Association

This organization started in 1972 as a social gathering for “lake people” to get acquainted. Meetings were held at 3 locations (Elbow Lake Store, Jolly Fisherman and Rainbow Resort) from May-September with 25 members participating. Dues were $5 and $10 the first year.

The Articles of Incorporation of Big Elbow Lake-Little Bemidji Property Owners Association, Inc. Are dated August 14, 1972. Arlen I. Erdahl, Secretary of State for the State of Minnesota signed the document.

Our lake association is currently registered with the State of Minnesota and signed by Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer.

A set of By-Laws was revised and adopted of the Big Elbow, Little Bemidji & Juggler Lake Association on June 24, 2021. This document consists of 4 pages and copies are available if requested.

This organization has changed somewhat over time and in addition to being a social organization, it is also educational and a service group. Meetings are held at the Fire Hall during June, July and August. Dues are: $10/single and $20/family payable annually in May/June.